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nds ,more and more people like to wear silicone wristbands .The silicone bracelets are not only cheap, but also customizable .People can choose the bracelet they want to customize according to their own needs .But if we want to order wristbands with a message ,we need to provide some information to the supplier .   First ,we need to tell the supplier the style of the silicone wristband . There are some common styles of the silicone wristband .Such as debossed colorfilled silicone wristband ,embossed with printing silicone wristband ,printed silicone wristband and so on .Different style of the wristband will show different effect of the logo to us . The effect of the logo of the debossed colorfilled silicone wristband is sunken ; The effect of the logo of the embossed with printing silicone wristband is raised .Then we need to provide the band size to the supplier ,we need to choose the size of the bracelet according to the size of our wrist .The comon size are adult size (length : 202mm) ,youth size (length : 180mm) ,toddler size (length : 150mm) .Third ,we need to tell the supplier the band color .we can choose the color from the pantone color card .Last step ,we need to determine the delivery date and the packing ways .There are two ways of packing ,they are individual packaged and ordinary packaged . As long as we provide these information to the supplier ,they will produce the silicone wristband we want for us .     personalized-wristbandspersonalized-rubber-bracelets

ools use them to raise money. Band members and their fans wear them to give them uniqueness. Politicians use them in their promotion. Entertainment events use them as VIP passes for their members. Many groups use them for the sake of personality. Silicone bracelets have become a style statement. The wide-ranging colors, the modified choice of words and the three types: debossed, embossed and the printed, attract the youth. They can also be multicolored. They are attractive as well helpful to identify with a cause. There bracelets that blaze in the not bright and blank wrist bands. Seasonal custom wristbands are inexpensive, strong, water resistant, and easy to wear and are perfect for daily use. Different varieties of seasonal silicone bracelets are Halloween, Christmas and New Year"s silicone bracelets.   &silicone bracelet maker machinenbsp;           green-rubber-braceletsilicone-id-bracelet

d wristband ,the first step ,we will make a digital proof depends on the order information and send it to customer to confirm it .If the digital proof is not ok ,we will revised it and send it to customer again .We will satrt the mass production until the customer confirm the digital proof .The second step ,we need to prepare silica gel and use the promotional machine to produce the blank wristband and trim the edge of the blank wristband .At the same time ,we need to produce the screen printing plate out and printed the logo and message on the band surface through it .When we finished the printing process ,we will put the printed wristband in oven to bake it .When the ink is dried ,the printed wristband is finished .About the logo and message color ,we can make it with one color ,two colors ,three colors of CMYK color .By the way ,if we want to peoduce the printed wristband ,the thickness of the line of the logo need to reach 0.1 mm ,otherwise the screen printing plate can’t be produce ousilicone bracelet maker machinet .   After reading this article, I believe you have a general understanding of printed wristband .If you want to know more about the printed wristband ,please contact us when you feel free . colored-rubber-bands-for-braceletscolor-filled-wristband

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